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Camera Gear and Support

We have what you need: walkie talkies, directors' chairs, canopies, tables, chairs, coolers, cones, putt-putt genie, etc. Use our production assistant for set up and breakdown, and we will guarantee no L&D charges. Our mobile production supply unit has a small footprint and can eliminate the cost of a stakebed. Downloadable kit list is here: Download

We will meet, and in some cases even beat, the lowest LA pricing.

Go green: We also will handle your trash and recycling at no extra charge!

Whether you need complete rigs or just some additional support, we can help. We have in-house EPIC-M and SCARLET cameraas, a full range of lenses, accessories, media, monitors, camera cart, fast data wrangling stations, Ronford-Baker sticks and O'Connor heads. Our EPIC-M will be the first camera in the state eligible for upgrade to the new Dragon sensor technology.

One of our unique product offerings is a full array of V-mount battery operated Coollight 1 x 1 LED panels and can supply you with up to 5.5K of battery-operated firepower, for use in our public open space, where generator use may be restricted.

For a complete list of our camera gear and support gear, click here: Download

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Inventory is constantly updated, and if we don't have it, we know where to find it!



Indie package pricing available! Clck here!