Production Management




The key to success in Colorado film production is grounding your feature, documentary, or commercial with a local line producer or production supervisor. In a smaller market such as ours, it is invaluable to have a "fixer" on your team. Someone with strong local crew contacts, who knows how to find good deals on gear and support, and who knows how to unlock your access to hidden, unphotographed locations across the state. I am committed to keeping your production on time and working within the budget. I use industry standard budgeting and scheduling tools and have experience working with local and national unions.

I have produced more significant feature films than any other local Colorado producer, overseeing budgets from $200,000 to $2.5 million. I am one of only two producers in our state who has pushed multiple films through our Colorado state tax incentives program, first with the production of MIND'S EYE, starring Dean Cain, Natalie Distler, and Malcolm Mcdowell, and most recently in 2013, with the production of DEAR ELEANOR, directed by Kevin Connolly and starring Luke Wilson and Jessica Alba. .

My knowledge orf producing films in Colorado will save you time and save you money! I guarantee it.


Being a cinematographer as well as a producer gives me advantages in terms of working with crew. I speak their language. I know their jobs and their gear. I've shot for NOVA, Versus, Comcast Entertainment Channel, National Geographic, and Lifetime. I've worked on national campaigns for big names like Conoco, Audi/Ducati, Wendy's, and Animal Defenders International. Some of my personal local clients have included the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Boulder Neurosurgical Associates, and nSpire Health. For several years, I produced and also shot multi-cam productions for the Boulder Peak Triathlon and its parent company, 5430 Sports.

I am also a seasoned and suitably paranoid data wrangler. My largest data wrangling job was protecting the data from an 11-camera shoot for Jason Mraz' documentary team at Red Rocks. This footage was also used in the beautiful and moving music video 93 MILLION MILES.

Incidentally: I also have a Ph.D. in film history and American literature. I taught film and lit at the University of Oregon and at CU-Denver. This experience comes in surprisingly handy in many unexpected circumstances.

Cinematography and Data Protection